Social Media Strategy

Implement a measurable strategy to maintain positive presence and build social proof for your brand or company. From PR to objective driven campaign strategies.

Social Media Content

Data backed decision making on content that creates engagement and social success for your brand or company. We offer a full range of content creation and capturing.

Social Media Brand PR

Creating lasting, meaningful impressions with your audience. We help you manage and execute on strategic opportunities unique to your business and social media.

Social Media Campaigns

From basic conversion campaigns to full scale sales funnels through social marketing and advanced remarketing techniques using the latest insights.

Social Media Strategy

Gone are the days of the approach of traditional advertising methods on social media.

Authentic brand PR and advertising efforts on social media are becoming increasingly more important as technology and the way we interact with it changes daily.

Specifically for brands and companies, true success is building a relatable presence on social media through through strategies specific to your audiences and their social activities.

We help your brand establish itself through creative and unique content that resonates with your audiences to drive them towards following and connecting with your products and services.

Identify your audience

No two businesses are alike and neither should their social media advertising efforts be.

By approaching advertising and PR from a human perspective, we help you identify your audience and develop content that resonates to drive maximum results on social media platforms.

Create your presense

By applying solid principles, experience and understanding of industry standards and practises on social media platforms, we create your company’s strategy from the ground up.

We understand what drives consumer action on an emotional and psychological level and how to create solid strategies on social media platforms for business success.

Measure and optimize

Leveraging the data and results received from social media marketing campaigns and published content, we can understand how your consumers are interacting with your brand and what it takes to leverage those interactions to drive measurable results for your bottom line.

Social Media Content

The way you speak to your audience is on social media is through content. Put a persona to your brand through strategic storytelling.

AdenMedia offers full scale content creation from capture to editing and specifically designed for maximum engagement on social media. Our professional team will completely manage your content publishing and ensure it aligns with a strategy for results.

We help brands broadcast themselves to the world through a range of mediums on social networks to get their story to their audiences and nurture the relationship from scroller-by to advocate.

PR and advertising on social media is vastly different from traditional advertising in that social media provides a unique opportunity to connect with your audience to build trust and create brand advocacy. Leverage the opportunity social media provides to engage with your audience on a personal level.


A picture is worth a thousand words and still relevant to PR and advertising on social media. With experience in nearly any niche, our team of photographers are ready to snap up your next viral moment or product shot.


A video can have more than a thousand words – From conceptualising to final editing, our team can create the perfect voice for your brand through skilled attention keeping video content creation.

LIVE broadcast

Engage in more personal ways and deliver brand content on social media through Live video sessions. We completely manage and and capture your live moments with active comment tracking and replies at events, announcements or for any other purpose.


Our studio is available for entrepreneurs, influencers and content creators to shoot, edit and distribute social media content to various platforms.

Social Media Brand PR

Your brand image and PR fully managed and optimized

Creating and maintaining a social presence that drives brand success on social media is crucial to any marketing strategy and is one of the most powerful ways to engage with your customers in places they know and love.

We partner with brands to maximise their social media strategies and content publishing efforts by providing insights and identifying new opportunities for growth and awareness with targeted content and campaigns to reach micro and macro advertising goals.

Brand PR

Consumers relate to brands in a variety of ways on social media. We understand the value of this opportunity to nurture and drive audiences towards key objectives.

Audience insights

Gain a deep understanding of your audience through the decisions and interactions they make on social media. Actionable insights shape the way brands gain the edge on the competition.

Brand Growth

Social media platforms are the the most personal mediums to reach targeted audiences in unique and engaging ways. We help brands establish and grow on social media.

Social Media Campaigns

Specific objective driven paid marketing driven by data and optimized for human engagement.

Paid marketing campaigns on social media allow for incredibly accurate targeting based on a range of variables from demographics and interests to interaction with websites, E-commerce shops and re-marketing based on other trackable actions.

The power of true disruptive marketing is on social media where we help brands construct and execute on highly targeted objective driven campaigns.

Whether your brand needs to establish awareness, nurture audiences or drive specific conversions, we deploy a range of techniques and strategies to create effective campaigns through targeting and re-targeting strategies to convert objectives to results for mximum ROI.

There is a strategy for nearly every kind of objective or conversion whether on-line or off. AdenMedia leverages the ability of deep audience insights and campaign strategies to give brands the edge in the bid for attention.

Brand Awareness

We build campaigns that make brands disrupt the market and establish themselves with strong social presence to maximise publishing and content results.

Generate Traffic

From driving traffic on social media to generating clicks and engagement on newsletters, e-mail signups, articles or any other destination off social media. High converting traffic campaigns support overall marketing efforts to great success and provide valueable audience feedback.


Results for maximum return on Ad-spend to convert for specific conversion events. We service almost all niches from e-commerce to off-line brands for sales, signups, event ticket sales or lead generation/ conversions through social media paid advertising campaigns.


Social Sales Funnels

We rethink traditional marketing techniques to disrupt the platforms of today! Drive effective full scale sales funnels through strategic multi level campaigns with re-marketing and nurturing at it’s core.

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